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World Fence News, November 2008 features an article about Galfan...

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May 20th, 2001
For immediate release

Wyoming, NY

Markin Tubing completed and started running a second Galfan coating line in December 2000. The new line, created by the retooling of a standard tubing line, is the result of increased consumer demand for cost-effective, environmentally friendly tubing.

Galfan is an alloy comprised of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum, the eutectic ratio for these two elements. This coating combined with Dorrlflex, an aluminum rich epoxy paint, is applied to steel tubing providing extraordinary corrosion resistance even after the tube is bent, formed or expanded. Salt spray testing (ASTM B117) consistently performs to 3000 hours plus.

Galfan tubing is more durable, more formable, more versatile, and more economical than many other types of tubing. It is the current and future replacement for environmentally less friendly and less corrosion resistant coatings as well as other higher cost tubing materials. As a result, applications for its use continue to grow.

For more information about Galfan tubing, contact Marking Tubing (716) 495-6211, Fax (716) 495-6482, email sales@markintubing.com or visit the website at www.markintubing.com.

Coating Resource Established
A new source of technical support for users of coated steel-sheet products, called the GalvInfo Center, has been established by the International Lead/Zinc Research Organization, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The GalvInfo Center, directed by Ralph Leonard, was organized primarily to answer technical inquiries about the use of metallic-coated steel sheet products in which zinc is the coating's primary ingredient. These include galvanized and galvannealed products, Galvalume steel sheet and Galfan steel sheet. The center will also answer inquiries regarding the performance of surface treatments and paints on top of these products.

Financial support for the center is provided by the American Zinc Association, Bethlehem Steel Corp., Big River Zinc Corp., Eastern Alloys, Henkel Surface Technologies, the International Zinc Association, LTV Steel Corp., Metaltech, National Steel Corp., Oaktite Products, PPG Industries, U.S. Steel Group, Valspar Corp. and Weirton Steel Corp.

The GalvInfo Center can be reached on-line at www.galvinfo.com, by e-mail at info@galvinfocom , by fax at 864-848-0644 or by phone at 888-880-8802

Phone: (330) 453-9136 Fax: (330) 453-6006

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